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General Information
Pierce County Justice Center

Tacoma, WA 98401

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Building Type: Public

Total SF: 112,550

Property Description

This Tacoma, Washington facility is a contemporary, functional and cost-efficient solution for a County courts and correctional center. The original poured-in-place concrete frame contains 380 beds, with expansion capacity for 90 more beds. Design features include maximum space utilization, unique outdoor recreation features, state of the art security and cluster concepts that provide for low-level staffing requirements (6 to 1 ratio). Mechanically, the project is very efficient,using 45,000 BTU's per square foot per year. The completed facility contains 112,550 SF of new and remodeled courts, booking, visitors, medical, kitchen and correctional space, as well as under-building parking for police vehicles and sally port. The Pierce County Justice Center was completed in 1984 at a construction costs of $16 million. Construction of this same facility, if built in 2006, would cost approximately $45 million.

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