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Our company’s Colorado project development services – including planning and risk management – usually begin with initial involvement during the pre-development phase of a commercial development project, when the Owner/Investor is conducting due diligence on the feasibility of a potential site, obtaining entitlements, conducting site planning and conceptual building designs and budgets, seeking single or multi-tenant users and arranging lender commitments for construction and permanent financing.  Michael Brisbois Associates (MBA) provides advisory services related to the pre-development phase by representing the Owner/Investor in negotiations with public agencies, utility companies, planning and geotechnical consultants, architects and engineers, contractors, and leasing agents. 

Alternatively, the Owner/Investor may have taken a shortcut and identified a developer who has already crossed those hurdles and who may own or have a desirable site under contract.  In that case, our project development services include assisting in formulating a development strategy that may involve negotiation of a development agreement between the client’s legal counsel and a highly qualified 3rd party development entity who will serve as the day-to-day manager of the project.  Once the development strategy is agreed to, MBA’s construction project development services include overseeing the process and advising the Owner/Investor at each step along the way, interfacing with the selected Development Team and serving as the intermediary between the Owner/Investor and the Developer.

“(MBA was) instrumental in the successful completion, both in terms of budget and schedule,
of our three shell buildings. In addition, you were my eyes and ears during the tenant fit-outs of the buildings,

overseeing the construction and A and E teams.
Without your valuable insights and dedication, a successful outcome would have been in serious doubt.”

-- Chuck Nichols - QUALCOMM Corporation -
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Risk Management for Commercial Construction Project Development in Metro Denver, Colorado, Mountain Resorts and along the Front Range

Critical to the pre-development process is a planning and risk-management strategy that addresses the people, the firms and the delivery method to be employed for the ultimate construction and lease or sale of the improved property.  MBA’s planning and risk management services including playing an active role in advising the client in matters related to pre-qualification of all of the key players, including the Developer, Architect, Engineers, General Contractor/Construction Manager, Testing and Inspection Consultants and, if appropriate, the Interior Designer, followed by issuance of RFPs, reviewing and summarizing proposals, attending interviews and helping the client make the best choices to minimize development risk and achieve a successful Colorado development project. 

Once the Development Team is assembled, our Colorado project development services involve turning our attention to bonding, general liability and workman’s compensation insurance and indemnification issues, and assisting the client in reviewing the tradeoffs and recommendations that are best suited for the proposed project.  Options may include variations on Contractor-Controlled Insurance Programs (CCIP) or Owner-Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP).  Contractors may also offer a form of payment and performance bonding known as Subguard insurance, which may or may not be appropriate.  Due to the costs and liabilities of these various risk-management options, it is important that the Owner thoroughly understand how each strategy will reduce risk without necessarily adding cost to the overall development budget.  MBA’s project development services include assisting Colorado Owners/Investors/Developers in understanding and selecting the best options available.  We will then monitor the implementation of the chosen insurance and bonding program to ensure compliance with insurance carrier guidelines and cost monitoring of any potential insurance premium credits and workman’s compensation claims, as is usually required for CCIP and OCIP programs.

Commercial Construction Planning Services – Metro Denver and Colorado

During the project’s pre-development phase, MBA will represent the Owner/Investor in all matters pertaining to planning, programming, schematic and conceptual design, design development, construction documents preparation and review.  This planning process will include coordination with the Development Team in the preparation of an agreeable Master Schedule, which will be continuously monitored, and revised as necessary, throughout the project.  MBA will assist in preparation of the overall Development Budget, including periodic adjustments to be made as a result of scope changes, bidding and/or value engineering.

Colorado Commercial Project Development, Planning, and Risk Management Projects - Metro Denver, Front Range, Mountain Resorts

For more information about Michael Brisbois Associates’ Commercial Project Development, Planning, and Risk Management Projects in Colorado, along the Front Range, throughout metro Denver and in the mountain resort communities, and to explore how we can help you with your Colorado commercial construction project development needs, please call us at 303-220-9930 or email us at:info@michaelbrisbois.com.



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